Wasps and mud dauber pest control

Learning how to get rid of wasps and mud dauber in your home should benefit you. If you live in a dry and quiet area, chances are that you’re having trouble with keeping these wasps from finding a haven in your home. According to research, these wasps don’t pose a lot of threat to you. They just enjoy hunting spiders and building their mud nests.

Yet, you might still not like having them around. Or your kids might be afraid of them. The good news is that you can get rid of them. And you can learn ways to prevent them from building any nests in the future. If you want to find out more, you should keep on reading. 

What are Wasps and Mud Daubers?

If you’re looking for wasps and mud dauber pest control, you should learn a few things about these dirt dabbers. Mud dauber is a type of name that’s given to certain types of wasps that build their nests with mud. These wasps are different from hornets. For one, they don’t live in colonies. Secondly, they aren’t aggressive nor do they defend their nests. However, they will sting you should they feel threatened by your presence. There are three types of these wasps.

  • Metallic blue mud dauber
  • Organ pipe mud dauber 
  • Black and yellow mud dauber 

These wasps can measure up to one inch in length. You’ll notice them by their long and narrow waists. The most interesting fact about them is that they don’t sting you. Their stinger is commonly used to paralyze any spiders that they come across. So, if you decide to destroy their mud nest, they’ll likely just move on with life and build another one elsewhere. But, if you do have allergies to wasp venom, it’s advisable for you to stay away from them since they can cause a reaction. 

How to Get Rid of Wasps and Mud Dauber? 

If you have been searching for how to get rid of wasps and mud dauber, you’re not alone. Since these wasps generally don’t bother humans, you should consider leaving them alone. In fact, having them around can benefit you. Remember how they can paralyze spiders with their stinger? This means that they ensure that your home’s rid of dangerous spiders that can cause you significant harm. Additionally, birds will get rid of their mud nests on your behalf. 

Yet, you might still be tempted to get rid of wasps and mud dauber on your own. The great news is that they’re likely the easiest type of wasps to remove from your home. Since they aren’t usually defensive, they’ll likely cooperate. This is how you can get rid of them. 

  • You can remove their nests by spraying it with wasp freeze. Then, you can scrape off the nest and clear up the residue with water.
  • If you notice underground nests, you should sprinkle some talcum powder. 
  • If you’re feeling brave, you can choose to relocate the wasp mud nest.
  • Since their food source is spiders, try to get rid of any spiders in your home.
  • Attract more birds to come and eat the mud nests. 

How to Prevent Wasps and Mud Dauber 

Now that you’ve successfully gotten rid of the wasps and mud dauber infestation in your home, you should learn how to prevent them from coming back. If they’ve already found your home comfortable for nesting, there’s a high probability that they’ll come back again to nest. The easiest way to ensure that they don’t come back is to get wasps and mud dauber pest control service providers to come to your home. However, this can be a costly option since it requires regular service. As a result, it’s essential for you to know how to do it yourself to avoid spending too much money in the future. These are effective tips that you should consider. 

  • You should close off any potential nesting areas. Use plugs on the holes if it’s possible. 
  • Since they prefer dry spaces, reduce any access to these in your home.
  • Treat your wood with a combination of essential oils such as eucalyptus, teak, citronella, and menthol oil. Mix these in water and apply them using a spray bottle. 

In summary, having wasps and mud dauber in your home is not as bad as you think. However, you can still get rid of them if you don’t want them around your home. If you choose 417 Pest Solutions, you can rest-assure that your wasps and mud dauber problem will be a thing of the past. You can receive an affordable quotation at your convenience, today.